About Willow Downs

Willow Downs is a flourishing equine facility situated in the picturesque Darling Downs region of Queensland, one of Australia's foremost horse breeding areas. The property boasts scenic views, gently rolling hills coated in improved pasture, and first-class horse facilities commensurate to the demands of the equine athletes that reside within.

1. To strive to produce performance horses of ever-increasing quality, of sound conformation, with exemplary temperaments, and exhibiting exceptional talent and ability.

2. To respect the needs of horses to ensure physical and psychological soundness.

3. To promote sustainable training of horses for the Olympic equestrian disciplines.

4. To provide a quality professional service and extensive follow up support.

The goal at Willow Downs is to connect the ambitious equestrian with the fundamental asset they require for success; a talented and trainable mount, the result of a meticulously constructed and administered breeding program. Importantly, as we breed many horses for recreational riders, good dispositions are required above all else. In keeping with this goal, only a small number of foals are bred each year. Youngsters are raised on improved pasture in large paddocks with the freedom to grow and develop naturally in quiet countryside atmosphere.

The breeding program is based on forward planning over generations of horses, with the result being continued breeding progression and the development of mare lines that continue to stand the test of time. Quality breeds quality, and our mares demonstrate that point. The achievements in artificial reproductive technology have allowed global access to the most successful performance genetics in the world, and Willow Downs brings these bloodlines to the equestrian community.


Stud Principal

Dr Brent Eastwell BVSc (Hons)

Brent Eastwell has been involved with horses his entire life. Today, he fulfils many roles, as stud manager, equine veterinarian, dressage rider and coach (EA NCAS Level 1 Dressage). This broad insight, coupled with a passion and love of horses, provides the foundation from which Willow Downs has evolved. Purchasing a horse from Willow Downs offers unique advantages, because it means benefiting from this comprehensive insight into the breeding, management, nutrition, sports medicine and training of elite equine athletes.



We welcome your enquiries, and invite you to contact us if you feel we can be of assistance. Visitors are always welcome by appointment.