Willow Downs

Warmblood Performance Horses

Our goal at Willow Downs is to produce exceptional Warmblood performance horses for the Olympic Equestrian disciplines. Throughout this website you will find information about us and our breeding program, and how we are positioned to offer unique advantages in helping to connect you with the horse of your dreams.


Quality Breeds Quality

 ... And Here's Proof!
The founding mares of Willow Downs pioneered staunch dam lines that now sustain the stud's broodmare herd as a forward-thinking generation-based breeding program. These mares are the single most important key to the Willow Downs breeding program. The paddocks at Willow Downs are filled with the best performance genetics in the world, and we are excited to provide these horses for Australian Equestrian enthusiasts. Below we introduce prominent members of the Willow Downs broodmare band.

Horses for sale

The fundamental goal at Willow Downs is to connect riders with the talented and rideable horses they require in order to achieve their goals.

Follow the link below for a small selection of the horses currently offered for sale at Willow Downs. For more information about any of the horses listed, or to enquire about other horses for sale, please feel free to contact Brent Eastwell at info@willowdowns.com.au.


Stud Principal

Dr Brent Eastwell BVSc (Hons)

Brent Eastwell has been involved with horses his entire life. Today, he fulfils many roles, as stud manager, equine veterinarian, dressage rider and coach (EA NCAS Level 1 Dressage). This broad insight, coupled with a passion and love of horses, provides the foundation from which Willow Downs has evolved. Purchasing a horse from Willow Downs offers unique advantages, because it means benefiting from this comprehensive insight into the breeding, management, nutrition, sports medicine and training of elite equine athletes.